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Kelly Bagla is a dynamic powerhouse of an attorney and has lived by that mantra every day of her life! Success takes courage, perseverance, and making bold moves! It also takes knowledge! Understanding the legal aspects of a business is essential f…

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May 24, 2021


We’ve all heard the warnings. “Whatever you do, don’t go into business with friends!” Or “Never start a business with family!” These warnings, often intended for your best interest, aren’t altogether fair. I…

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March 18, 2021

LLC’s vs. Corporations

Transcription by Cera Keeler, CK Transcriptions,  Narrator: It’s another sidebar: LLCs vs. Corporations. This is Episode 84 on Kelly Bagla’s Go Legal Yourself Podcast. Kelly Bagla: Welcome to the Go Legal Yourself Podcast. This sh…

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