March 6, 2018

Ep. 17 Kasey Ortiz: The Importance of Taxes and Clean Books

Ep. 17 Kasey Ortiz: The Importance of Taxes and Clean Books

Relief from Clean Bookkeeping and Taxes

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Today’s show is exciting - especially for me! Today I have Kasey Ortiz from JES Taxes in the studio and we’re talking about taxes and keeping clean books. Kasey is experienced and a wealth of knowledge on the topics  of taxes and the tactics of keeping clean books. We’re also talking about one of my favorite and sexy subjects, Money!

Kasey's Business Deductions PDF

About Kasey and JES Taxes

We are a full service business center. Our office specializes in Military taxes, Small Business Development, Entity Compliance, Individual & Business Taxation & More!

JES Taxes delivers exceptional value and solutions that create a peace of mind. We look forward to serving you with the highest integrity and personal ethics to earn your professional trust.

Guest Contact information

Kasey Ortiz
JES Taxes
606 Cassidy
Ste. A
Oceanside, CA. 92054  

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