April 3, 2018

Ep. 21 Charles Guerin, CPA: The New Tax Law and What Business Owners Need To Know

Ep. 21 Charles Guerin, CPA: The New Tax Law and What Business Owners Need To Know

Speak to your CPA if you have questions

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Today I’m joined in the studio with Charles Guerin, CPA. We learned that with the new tax laws, it’s changed the framework towards how individuals now prepare their tax returns going forward into the new year for 2018. Some of these include:

  • How we take our major deductions on our tax returns, including personal exemptions.
  • The a drop in the marginal tax rates across the board.
  • The child tax credit has increased.

Additionally, we talk about how corporations are now taxed at 21% - a flat marginal tax rate. This tax rate really only affects the humongous large corporations.

Here is Charlie’s #1 tip he asks his clients to prepare for and complete BEFORE coming to see him:

Charlie’s Top 3 Tax Tips:

  • Choose the right business structure for your business.
  • Always keep your books in perfect order.
  • Always speak to your CPA if you have a questions.

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California CPA FirmDel Mar, CA

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