May 3, 2018

Ep. 25 Brian Smith: The Birth of a Brand

Ep. 25 Brian Smith: The Birth of a Brand

Launching your entrepreneurial passion and soul

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I’m so pleased to share with you this episode and interview with Brian Smith, Founder of UGG and author of The Birth of a Brand. Brian shares with us his stories, steps, and challenges taken to create the internationally successful brand UGG.

The motivation to start, part-time jobs, a lucky break, the first achievement, too small to be big - to big to be small, failure and near disaster, a revelation, and the most valuable lessons learned.

“Your most disappointing disappointments, always turn out to be your greatest blessings.

… that’s where the blind vision of an entrepreneur comes in and really plays a part. It is that you only see the positive end result. You don’t allow yourself to see it failing.

The quickest way for a tadpole to become a frog is to live every day happily as a tadpole.“ ~ Brian Smith

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Brian Smith Keynote Speaker
Book: The Birth of a Brand: Launching Your Entrepreneurial Passion

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