June 5, 2018

Ep. 29 Shelley Murasko: Financial Planning For Your Business

Ep. 29 Shelley Murasko: Financial Planning For Your Business

Delivering on hopes and dreams

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I’m joined today by Shelley Murasko from Wealthspring Financial Planners. Honestly . . . we got a little “geeky” about financial planning today. Listen at the end of the episode for Shelley’s Top 3 Tips of what you need to start thinking about and take action on!

Shelley’s unconventional career path from engineer to financial advisor was largely inspired by her working alongside successful, hard-working people who despite terrific careers and the best intentions were missing out on smart financial planning moves and falling behind in building wealth.

With a long-standing love for investing and personal finance, Shelley took the career leap in 2013 by earning her financial planning credential, passing the difficult CFP® Board exam, and joined a successful investment company, Bahr Investment Group.  

In 2016, Shelley launched Wealthspring Financial Planners with a vision of offering competent financial guidance at an ultra-low price point while providing transparency and a high level of personal service. Wealthspring's unique low fee structure allows investors to partake in high quality, investment grade investments without forgoing growth to excessive advisor or mutual fund fees.

"I enjoy helping my clients uncover their life intentions and then build a financial plan and investment strategy to deliver upon those hopes and dreams." ~ Shelley Murasko, Wealthspring Financial Planners  

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