June 20, 2018

Ep. 31 Getting to Know Your Host

Ep. 31 Getting to Know Your Host

Not just an attorney

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It’s always nice to get to know your host. Born and raised in England, I had a fantastic childhood.

I’m a business transaction attorney that keeps my clients out of courts. I absolutely love what I do helping entrepreneurs like you stay out of trouble. I also own my own business too and understand the pains business owners go through. As a business owner, I recommend taking these steps: Legal Up and Get Known (stand out)!

I’m the inventor of the “Eardorables” which can be seen from the Media link on BaglaLaw.com. Recently I was on the cover of InventorsDigest.com. I’m also the author of “Go Legal Yourself” which you can get for FREE as an eBook when you download the “Go Legal Yourself” app from your app store.

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Kelly Bagla, Esq.
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Kelly Bagla, Esq. 
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