Aug. 8, 2018

Ep. 37 Chuck Sinks: How Do I Get Money for My Business

Ep. 37 Chuck Sinks: How Do I Get Money for My Business

CDC Small Business Finance

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Today is that show where we interview an expert in their field who can help you become successful in your business. Today I’m joined by Chuck Sinks who’s a Small Business Adviser for the CDC Small Business Finance.

Below are the social media handles and the "Cost / Effort" chart we referred to in this episode. The “Instant Boost Capital” is the working capital product we developed for our 504 borrowers who have the capacity to take on additional W/C debt, and was the reason we were doing the research in this area to begin with. This graph has been very helpful in explaining the different sources of small business debt capital - and the cost of that capital - to early stage entrepreneurs and small biz owners.

Small Business Capital Sources

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