Sept. 4, 2018

Ep. 41 Neal Sperling: Strategies to Grow Your Business

Ep. 41 Neal Sperling: Strategies to Grow Your Business

Successful people have systems

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Today I’m pleased to bring on the show Neal Sperling who’s known as a “world class problem solver,” a “world class connector,” an international speaker, and works as a strategic advisor.

Neal has worked with over 50 billionaires, President of the United States, Captains Of Industry, and Nobel Prize winners.

Neal loves finding clarity and helping people clarify their mission, precision engineer it, and finally sequencing it. It’s his 3-step process.

We talked about how Neal approaches leadership using the same system he uses for everything else adding to it humility and inspiration.

Neal gives us several examples of his 3-step process applied to several different business models, and much, much more.

“Improve, grow, and graduate.” ~ Neal Sperling

I’m grateful Neal shared with me a system for writing a book when I wrote Go Legal Yourself.

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