Feb. 5, 2019

Ep. 49 Kasey Ortiz: New Tax Laws and What They Mean

Ep. 49 Kasey Ortiz: New Tax Laws and What They Mean

How it will impact your business

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I’m so happy to have back on the show Kasey Ortiz the “Tax Tip Diva!” I first interview Kasey on episode 17 Kasey Ortiz: The Importance of Taxes and Clean Books. Be sure to go back and listen to that episode. Not people know but Kasey is a proud Marine Corp Veteran.

What you need to know

  • New tax laws put in place for 2018 have proven to be the most challenging to understand in 30 years.
  • Meals and entertainment deductions are no more.
  • Meal expenses for business presentations are deductible.
  • The 199A deduction offers a 20% reduction of business income from your taxable income - and is a very complicated calculation. Please go to your APP Store and download our “Go Legal Yourself” APP to receive Kasey’s free PDF on this topic.
  • The IRS views Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency as “property” so on your taxes, you’ll need to include the fair market value of that property. It will be taxed.
  • There are a few tax credits business owners should be aware of: New business owners can receive a $5,000 expense deduction. This means your expense for Kelly’s “Go Legal Yourself! Start-Up Essentials” is completely deductible on your taxes!
  • Finally, if you’re in California, be aware you could be subject to 8 different taxes! Otherwise investigate the required ABC’s taxes in your area.

Make sure you visit Kasey online at TheTaxTipDiva.com where she educates individuals in bite-size pieces to help you take the fear out of taxes.

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