Dec. 4, 2017

Ep. 5 Building Business Relationships

Ep. 5 Building Business Relationships

Create the right relationships for your business

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Today I’m excited to have Bryan Garrity from The Garrity Group and Keller Williams on the show! We’re talking about building business relationships.


Anyone that’s getting a 1099 at the end of the year is an independent business owner.

So what’s your very first step in setting up a business? You have to have a plan. You need a business plan.

You need to have the capacity to attract business. You need to be out networking doing the right things, making yourself known and visible.

You need to learn “trust.” Focus on how to build trust. Get together with the right people. Put your trust in “longevity.”

The more honest, transparent, and being your authentic self - the more business you’ll attract.

If you’re just starting out learning a new business, surround yourself with successful people already in that area of business.

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