March 5, 2019

Ep. 50 Denise Benz: How To Monetize Your Talents

Ep. 50 Denise Benz: How To Monetize Your Talents

Seeing people beyond where they see themselves

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“I see people beyond where they see themselves.” ~ Denise Benz, CEO and founder of Authentic Speakers Agency, The PR Firm, PR Firm Publishing and Authentic Speakers Bureau.

Today I’m so pleased to have Denise Benz from Authentic Speakers Agency on the show. Representing artists, speakers, actors & experts, Denise Benz and Authentic Speakers Agency provides a platform for you to find speakers who are the real thing… impactful, relevant and authentic. In a world so full of noise it’s hard to find a message that is impactful enough to inspire people to think differently.

Authentic Speakers Agency believe event organizers are seeking to hire speakers and artists who have an authentic message that resonates with their audience and invokes change in the subconscious. Their goal is to help facilitate this process.

Enjoy this inspired episode and do contact me with your feedback, questions and comments.

~ Kelly

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