April 30, 2019

Ep. 51 Don Sando: Strategic Results Group

Ep. 51 Don Sando: Strategic Results Group

Domestic / International Strategic Planning and Marketing

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Today I’m joined by Don Sando from Strategic Results Group. Don specializes in domestic and international strategic planning, management team development, culture transformation, and business development.

Moving from a career in engineering to marketing and sales with Hewlett-Packard, Don then moved on to have a successful career working as the Worldwide Director of Marketing and Sales for a San Diego based high-tech company. Today Don shares with us how he was able to develop an international market first in Europe, then Asia penetrating Japan, Korea, and Mainland China.

“At HP we had a phrase to keep things simple. We talked about the three “Cs” of marketing: Customers; Competitors; and the contribution we would make (our competitive advantage). Companies that are above 100 million in revenues have people on staff that focus on this. But companies below that (revenue) typically do not because they simply don’t have that expertise.” ~ Don Sando

Don works with companies in two basic areas:

  • developing overall business and operational plans, as well as marketing & sales plans... assessing the market and developing the plans to grow revenue, market share, and profitability.
  • working with organizations to create a culture of accountability, such that plans actually get executed.

Don can help you with strategic planning, marketing strategy and organizational development for start-ups & later stage companies - domestic & international business development, M&A, marketing, leadership development & coaching.

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Enjoy this inspired episode and do contact me with your feedback, questions, and comments.

~ Kelly

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