June 24, 2020

Ep. 56 David DaCosta: Investing in Real Estate

Ep. 56 David DaCosta: Investing in Real Estate

Real Estate can be forced savings

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Today I’m joined by David DaCosta from DaCosta Properties Real Estate - and I love real estate!

Today we’re going to find out from David real estate can become an asset for you and your future? Everyone needs a place to live. You can own real estate as an investment, for your retirement, etc. David says when you own real estate, it’s “Forced savings and you’re building equity.”

When people are asked about what stands out about David, people say three things: Service, Connections, and Trust.

David’s advice about selling: you want your home in good condition, price it correctly, and don’t keep it on the market long.

David’s advice about buying: you really need a strong agent working on your behalf.

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