July 21, 2020

Ep. 58 Sophia Felix: How to Get Recognized

Ep. 58 Sophia Felix: How to Get Recognized

Female Entrepreneurship in the Talent Management Industry

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Today I have the pleasure of talking with Sophia Felix, the Founder of HBM Talent & Management.

Sophia tells us why she took the path of entrepreneurship in the Talent Management Industry and as a self-made woman how she was able to build her reputation and business.

At 19 Sophia worked at the Department Of Defense and was in charge of managing multimillion-dollar contracts where she learned most of her business skills and went on to have 5 mentorships in her career.

I asked Sophia “How do you get recognized?”
When I’m looking for talent, I look for: their energy; their ambition; and their heart.

It’s also how you present yourself. I’m professional at all times. If I’m in a business meeting, I always dress professionally, which helps me to stand out and show people who I am, and they’ll remember me.

I’m also a woman of my word. I have faith in my clients and what I do. 

I look for those people that have that energy and charisma. I can make them look good and brand them, but if they don’t have that ambition, that heart, it’s a waste of time.

Sophia walks us through an example of how she might help a clothing company and gives us advice on entering into the marketing world - and the importance of self-care. I quote myself here by saying,

“Why blend in when you were born to ‘stand out’.”

Sophia takes her clients through several “game-changing” exercises to help them “dream big” no matter how big their dream is.

As usual with all my guests, I asked Sophia, what she now knows, what would she do differently when she was just starting out. Her answer may NOT surprise you.

Sophia loves to create opportunities with her business to help others - especially for charities and children in need. With this, she steps up in her community to make a difference. 

Some of Sophia’s Charities

Southern California’s Chapter President of America's Children of Fallen Heros.

Co-founder and President for the International Cannabis Business Women’s Association

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