Aug. 4, 2020

Ep. 59 Bhavin Mehta: A True Entrepreneur’s Perspective

Ep. 59 Bhavin Mehta: A True Entrepreneur’s Perspective

Three challenges every entrepreneur’s faces

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Today I’m talking with Bhavin Mehta, the CEO and Founder of Fusion Factor Corporation, which specializes in helping small businesses become successful by leaving them to focus on their work and business while Fusion Factor focuses on solving their IT (information technology) problems.

The three challenges facing Bhavin when he started his business, not uncommon for most entrepreneurs starting out:

  • Acquiring new clients
  • Having the right agreements and contracts in place
  • Executing his marketing

We discuss the importance of having the right contracts and agreements in place to protect yourself from litigation and lawsuits. Bhavin reached his first milestone when he hired his first employee, requiring him to put in place the right legal documents, employee manuals, etc. 

About marketing when starting your business, Bhavin advises us to be on the internet, social media, and practice good SEO (search engine optimization) on your website. Also beneficial are to have testimonials, and for a business like his, be physically centralized to easily gain access to your clients. 

Bhavin’s guide “What Every Business Owner Must Know About Hiring An Honest, Competent, Responsive and Fairly Priced Computer Consultant” is freely available on his website

Finally, I ask Bhavin… knowing what you now know, what would you do differently?

Not surprisingly, he answers “I’d get my solid contracts in place early, and hire an attorney to understand the legality of what I can and cannot do.”

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