Aug. 20, 2020

Ep. 60 Alexandra Renee Poelstra: How To Market your Business

Ep. 60 Alexandra Renee Poelstra: How To Market your Business

Brand is everything

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Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Alexandra Renee Poelstra, the CEO at ALL MAVEN, a full-service branding and digital marketing agency.

You’re probably asking yourself, “what’s a maven?” Alex tells her story and how she became known as “the maven.” Like many young people starting out in life, attending many schools and programs to advance herself in her profession, the one thing that kept her going she says was and is her “faith.”

Alex talks about the struggles she’s had in starting her business.

Alex says, being a monster-preneur and at the end of the day, her number one challenge is staying focused on one thing. She says her number two challenge is not get distracted and... not buy into everything people are pitching. She says don’t spend your time around people that aren’t giving you “wise counsel.” And I agree.

Alex is also known as the “crazy boss-lady.” She tells us why. Hint: it’s a creative thing.

Alex shows us “how” a business stands out among the rest. Without marketing, it’s impossible. What she excels at is branding, and partially for this episode, that’s why this episode is a must-listen. Alex says you can be successful without branding, but without it, for the long-term, there will be struggles along the way. Branding is what sets a business apart from the rest.

More on branding. Alex says your website is a critical piece. Why? Because it’s important to develop and use your website to tell your brand story and message.

ALL MAVEN services and the branding assets they create:

  • Web design 
  • Logo design
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media marketing
  • Event marketing
  • Video marketing
  • and so much more

They don’t do pay-for-click themselves but work directly with two really good companies to serve their clients.

So how should you approach marketing?

  1. Pick the marketing strategy that you’re most passionate about
  2. Pick the marketing strategy that you can actually execute on
  3. And pick the marketing strategy you know you can be committed to

You need to work with the marketing strategy that works for your personality type.

Want more from Alex? Let us know here.

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