Sept. 1, 2020

Ep. 61 Jesse Morgan: Creating Opportunities

Ep. 61 Jesse Morgan: Creating Opportunities

From Invention to Product

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My guest is Jesse Morgan, an inventor, and manufacturer who helps other inventors take their ideas to market.

After a near-fatal car accident, Jesse invented The Extractor Tool, for cutting yourself free of a seatbelt and smashing open the car window.  

He also invented the Ortho-O-Grip, which goes around the handle of everyday utensils and tools to make them easier to grip for those who have arthritis or other conditions that make it hard to handle things.

Morgan also makes and sells products he licenses from other inventors, and he’s generous with mentoring advice for how to take ideas from the drawing board to production to sales. 

The big takeaway for inventors: He strongly recommends licensing your product rather than incurring the expenses associated with making and marketing it yourself. 

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Guest Contact information; (239) 333-4543
Jesse Morgan - CEO - Morgan Manufacturing | LinkedIn
The Extractor Tool | Auto Safety Tool | Ft. Myers, FL

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