Sept. 23, 2020

Ep. 63 Joe Molina: Veterans Helping Veterans

Ep. 63 Joe Molina: Veterans Helping Veterans

Jobs,Training, Business Advice, Housing, and Legal

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My guest is Joe Molina, an ex-military man who’s the founder and Executive Director of the Veterans Chamber of Commerce. 

Joe’s advocates “servant leadership,” an approach to citizenship that applies both to the volunteer military and civilian life. 

His clientele includes vets, active duty military, and family members

The Chamber’s mission includes several core agendas: Helping veterans start their own businesses, get jobs, find affordable housing, education, and training — and get free legal advice (from the Queen herself!).

Originally based in the San Diego area, the Chamber now has several outposts nationally.  A key component of the strategy is to facilitate opportunities between military bases and local communities. They also work with municipalities and nonprofit organizations — and all the services are provided for free. 

Donations are most definitely welcome! Contact the Chamber through their website.

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