Oct. 6, 2020

Ep. 64 Jessica Hornbeck: Rent-a-CFO/COO

Ep. 64 Jessica Hornbeck: Rent-a-CFO/COO

Critical Consulting for Small Businesses

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Many small business owners are great with ideas and execution for the products or services they provide, but maybe not so expert on the equally important financial and operational sides of things. That’s because managing a business is complex, and usually requires a separate mindset and skillset from the core business. It’s easy for busy people to get lost in the weeds, and lose sight of — or never even envision — the big picture.

That’s where Jessica Hornbeck comes in. Her company, Big Picture Results, provides outsourced CFO, and COO services that enable small businesses to deploy best practices that increase efficiency, profitability, and sustainability. 

Best practices start with tight bookkeeping, which provides a platform for addressing different aspects of financial management that could result in growth by capitalization through small business loans or soliciting investors. Hornbeck’s services also include valuation, in case an offer to sell comes along, as well as strategies for weathering the rainy day storms of the COVID era. Her company’s website, bigpicresults.com is a font of timely and relevant information. 

Listeners will take inspiration, as the Queen did, from Hornbeck’s own bootstraps story, and gain confidence from her background working for major financial institutions. 

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