Nov. 4, 2020

Ep. 66 Robert Hanna: The Silver Lining Dept.

Ep. 66 Robert Hanna: The Silver Lining Dept.

Finding Opportunity in COVID Disruption

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When disaster strikes — jobs are lost, businesses go under, careers stall — some brave entrepreneurial souls seize the opportunity to start their own new enterprises. So it was after the 2008 crash, which is when the Queen of Business Law boldly started her private practice. And so it is and shall be in the COVID era, according to Kelly’s guest Robert Hanna, a London-based legal recruiter whose current mission is to help people in that profession navigate these troubled times and come out the other side successfully.

“I know for a fact that we're going to have some great innovations that come out of this whole COVID-19, once it's over and done with,” Kelly says. She even wrote a blog post on the topic and, of course, her legal practice is geared toward small businesses, so she can help make it happen. 

As a self-described recruiter-entrepreneur-investor-podcaster, Robert Hanna advises companies and firms how to grow, diversify, or consolidate their market-share. He advises individuals on career moves and business development. His own company, Kissoon Carr, is a case in point. He started out with ambitions of global domination but found success by drilling deeper into his niche-within-a-niche and developing as a right-sized boutique agency. Hanna’s Legally Speaking podcast has a global reach and provides the international legal community with topical information and advice. His professional services and podcast subject matter merge when he does an episode on an urgent issue like diversity inclusion in the legal field.

Podcasting helps his company stand out. “At the moment, any business needs to be producing quality content to their niche market audiences,” Hanna says. “It's not enough just to be a sort of reactive service. I think you have to proactively give to your marketplace to build a brand, to be known as thought leaders, and to be seen as people that are really trying to do more.”

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