Nov. 20, 2020

Ep. 67 Janet Falk: Strategies for News Coverage and Revenue Growth

Ep. 67 Janet Falk: Strategies for News Coverage and Revenue Growth

A PR Pro Explains How It’s Done - and Why

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When it comes to pitching business reporters, Falk says you have to think like one of them. “The reporter is thinking, ‘What does my audience care about?’ Whether it's readers or listeners or viewers, what they care about is saving time, saving money, and making money.”  

Taken a step further, you should employ the basic tool in the reporter’s kit: The Five W’s.

  1. WHO do you want to read the story? 
  2. WHAT  do you want that person to think about and do? Use your service, buy your product, go to your website, visit your location, make a phone call?
  3. WHEN is the information timely?
  4. WHERE should the news appear -- in the general news or a special interest platform?
  5. WHY should anyone care about what you have to say? How does your insight, product, service help an individual, a business owner, or a company to save time, save money, or make more money.

Other tactics Faulk considers indispensable for attracting business, growing audience, getting a favorable message out: 

  • Networking: Align yourself with like-minded groups. 
  • Develop a media profile: It’s not your bio or CV, but it's very tailored to the interests of the five W's. Give your contact information, three to five sentences that broadly describe your background and what it is that you do, then you have three to five bullet points that are more specific about the kinds of services that you provide.
  • Think about three to five issues or hot topics that people really need to know more about.
  • The last part is a quote, something about 50 words that gives an idea of what it would be like for the reporter to talk to you.
  • Have a web presence: When the visitor comes to the website, they should feel that there's a connection and that the person understands what is their situation, what is their problem, and that this is the solution.
  • Your LinkedIn profile confirms you are the person that you say you are. 
  • Have a newsletter. 

Falk is offering listeners 20 minutes of consultation and guidance on your media profile absolutely free, so be sure to check her website.

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