March 9, 2021

Ep. 83 Be A Voice Of Influence with Peggy Lebo

Ep. 83 Be A Voice Of Influence with Peggy Lebo

Speak with your true voice. It’s your magnet to the people you’re meant to work with.

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Peggy Lebo, the founder of the True Voice Method, works with podcasters, speakers, and singers to help them find and free their true voice so they can become a voice of influence to inspire others and attract their ideal clients.

Peggy spent her early career in Los Angeles writing songs for other artists, including co-writing"Celebrate", Elle Mac's hit that reached #3 on the Billboard charts. She also co-wrote "Now I See" which achieved international success as the title track and single released by Quincy Jones' artist, gospel, and R&B legend Tata Vega. But it was her work in artist development with record label newcomers, helping them discover their voices as singers and song-writers that Peggy rediscovered her calling to help others find and free their true voice. The True Voice Method was originally born in a moment of inspiration brought on by desperation. As Peggy says...

“I was working a telephone sales and fundraising job (nicer way of saying telemarketing) to pay for graduate school. It was the worst job I ever had and I was Minnie Mouse for kid's birthday parties in Encino, so that's saying a lot. The only training we got was from a guy who was one of their top salespeople. He drank 3 cups of coffee and then read an awkward script in a salesy voice at lightning speed. I was there for two weeks and only made a few sales and had already decided to quit when I thought, I wonder what would happen if I applied what I've learned as a singer to how I use my voice as a speaker. I figured I'm quitting this job, what have I got to lose? What happened next changed my life. Within a few weeks, I became one of their top salespeople. That's how I paid for graduate school and it was the beginning of my True Voice work.

In the midst of developing the True Voice Method, I was suddenly forced to stop everything. While driving to the studio in LA to record a project, I was hit by a semi-truck and pushed down the freeway for a mile and a half.

After miraculously surviving the accident I used the experience as a wake-up call to stop waiting and putting off my own dreams. So I devoted the two-year recovery time to freeing and discovering my unique voice as an artist and a storyteller. Since then I've written and recorded three CDs and created custom concerts where I combine songs and stories to create a unique experience for the audience.

I'm always surprised when I meet a successful speaker or podcaster that doesn't like their voice or thinks that it is ordinary. That's when we work on the relationship they have with their voice.” ~ Peggy Lebo

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