March 30, 2021

Ep. 86 Sidebar: Are YOU Sold on YOUR Products?

Ep. 86 Sidebar: Are YOU Sold on YOUR Products?

Successful people read 60+ business books a year.

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Are you sold on your products?

I’ve been listening nonstop to sales books.

Just because you tell someone you're in sales, or they automatically think that you are… we are in the 21st century and sales have changed.

I'm talking about successful people that you have heard. I'm talking about successful people that might've been your neighbor, that started out in their garage and now they've moved on to either New York or they've gone international. These are successful people. These are the people who read at least 60+ books a year.

For the longest time now I have been listening to Audibles. If you're not on Audible already, you need to drop what you're doing and sign up because you're missing out. You're absolutely missing out on all of this incredible knowledge that can help you build your business.

To actually make a difference and create wealth for yourself and your family, read and sell yourself on YOU and your products and services..

Also, if you already haven’t, get your FREE copy of my eBook Go Legal Yourself when you get my Go Legal Yourself app from your Apple App Store or Android App Store. Also available now is my latest book “Go Own Yourself” which is available on Amazon from this link.

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