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Jeremiah Flowers

Business Developer/Tax Advisor/Founder & CEO

Jeremiah age 40, acquires twelve years plus of experience in the areas of Taxation, Money Management & Business Development through his tax advisory firm, TaxNerd. He is dedicated to helping clients, customers and prospective consumers achieve monetary & business success by informing them in the various tiers of knowledge regarding money, taxes, business, administration, finance, credit & banking economics.

Jeremiah obtains a God given gift for building the lives of people & small to medium sized corporations. He also is a guider to the W-2 wage earner in diverse industries & occupations such as healthcare, media & entertainment, marine & aviation, military, education, law enforcement, transportation, real estate etc. to strategically help transition them into business ownership as well if that be a desire.

Since the age of 18 years old, Jeremiah began his journey to acquire extensive marketplace skills through entry level jobs and management roles in various fortune 500 companies nationwide and locally therein private based corporations located within the surrounding Los Angeles County.

Jeremiah's main focus is to deliver comprehensive marketplace products & services to aspiring business owners and individuals such as Mentorship, Investing Strategies, Tax Advisory, Revenue Planning, Administrative Protocols, Banking & Credit Economics, Time Management Tactics, Consumerism Foresight, System Implementation, Brand Development, Franchising Advisory and last but not least PR Readiness.

His bottom-line is to better help you Regulate Money, Shelter Money & pay little to NO TAXES!®